Cyber risk management solution providers need to solve the complex problem of understanding and managing cyber security risk of the ever-expanding digital ecosystem of their clients across geographies and business units. A key part of the solution is attack surface discovery of IoT assets that are not centrally managed by the client’s security operations team or are deployed by a contractor such as IP surveillance cameras managed by a physical security vendor. These assets that are commonly referred to as “shadow IT”, are often plagued by security vulnerabilities due to running outdated firmware versions or poor access control practices such as default passwords. As such, they present a broad attack surface for targeting client’s internal network and planting malicious tools for intercepting client’s data transmitted or processed by these devices.
Cyber risk management solution providers need the ability to independently assess the security posture of their clients’ OT/IoT assets during all phases of a device lifecycle from procurement to provisioning and firmware update. This needs to be done in an automated and continuous manner that can scale across hundreds of manufactures and thousands of device types and models, allowing the risk management solution provider to focus on attack surface analytics.
IoTVAS device discovery and firmware risk API integrates with cyber risk management platforms to provide detailed vulnerability information and relevant risk ratings for OT/IoT devices without requiring integrators to upload firmware binaries. Firmalyzer’s firmware analysis backend continuously downloads and analyses OT/IOT device firmware images on behalf of our integrators and provides them with real-time access to in-depth security risk analysis of a device by just knowing its manufacturer and model name which can be identified by IoTVAS device detection API.

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