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Automated Security Analysis For IoT Firmware Binaries

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IoT state of security requires improvement as more devices around us become 'connected'. Firmalyzer enables device vendors and security professionals to perform automated security assessment on software that powers IoT devices (firmware) in order to identify configuration and application vulnerabilities. Firmalyzer is an evolving service, we are adding new analysis capabilities to increase coverage to various IoT platforms and binary formats. We are also notifying device vendors about the vulnerabilities discovered by Firmalyzer and assist them to mitigate those in a timely manner.

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Firmware Analysis to Build Secure Devices

Maximum file size is 30 MB
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Explore files inside firmware and view their details and content

Configuration Analysis

Find configuration issues and ways to fix them

Vulnerability Analysis

Discover vulnerable 3rd party components and apps in firmware (PHP,Java,JavaScript)

Binary Analysis

Find interesting binary files and potential vulnerable code paths

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