we provide security solutions for IoT devices

we are specialized in providing security products and solutions for IoT/connected devices. Our products and services suit the needs of both IoT device vendors and companies who deploy those devices in their infrastructures. We actively collaborate with our customers to provide customized solutions for them and help them get the most benefits from our products and services

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Explore files inside firmware and view their details and content

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Discover vulnerable apps in firmware (PHP,Java,JavaScript)

Binary Analysis

Find interesting binary files and potential vulnerable code paths

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IoT security and privacy compliance check with regulations, standards and leading practices

IoT Security Compliance Framework

Best Practices For Securing IoT

GSMA IoT Security Guidelines and Assessment

OWASP IoT Top 10

IoT Trust Framework

Secure By Design Guidelines For IoT

Industrial Internet of Things Security Framework

Baseline Security Recommendations For IoT

BITAG Recommendations

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