• OT/IoT vulnerability management, made

    automated, proactive and effective.
    Bring in-depth OT and IoT risk visibility into your cyber risk management program.

Discover IoT vulnerabilities in a safe, agentless and privacy preserving manner

Firmalyzer brings in-depth visibility of IoT and embedded device vulnerabilities at firmware code level into your vulnerability management program. Our solution can integrate with your existing IT asset management and vulnerability assessment solution, providing continuous risk monitoring of IoT assets in enterprise networks without requiring network traffic collection or installation of software agents on devices.

OT/IoT vulnerability management made automated, proactive and effective

Firmalyzer identifies vulnerable devices and associated risks by just receiving the manufacturer and model names. No firmware file upload, access to the devices or network scanning is required. This is made possible by Firmalyzer’s firmware security analysis engine that conducts global-scale vulnerability analysis of OT/IoT device firmware files.
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Firmalyzer is one of the missing pieces of enterprise security puzzel

IT Vulnerability management solutions

  • Detects vulnerable network services solely based on version string in network banners
  • Failure to detect known vulnerabilities in most cases, because of missing version string
  • Uses network port scanning that cannot “see” network client softwares on the device
  • Crypto tests are limited to keys exposed via network services (public keys)
  • Default device passwords are discovered using brute-forcing which is time consuming and fails to detect backdoor accounts

Firmalyzer platform

  • Provides Comprehensive firmware bill of materials (BOM) and in-depth vulnerability report of all firmware components
  • Analyses all crypto keys (public and private) and algorithm usage
  • Detects backdoor private keys across device models and vendors
  • Detects backdoor or “service” accounts on the devices quickly and with pinpoint accuracy

Passive IoT device security solution

  • Requires deployment of network taps/sensors or configuration of port mirroring
  • Passively captures and analysis network traffic that leads to privacy concerns
  • Detects the publicly known vulnerabilities (CVE) of devices
  • Does not detect devices that reached their end-of-life or have outdated firmware version

Firmalyzer platform

  • No network tap or port mirroring required
  • Does not collect network traffic
  • Discovers vulnerabilities in device firmware code in addition to device CVEs
  • Detects end-of-life devices and devices running outdated firmware version

Network access control (NAC) solution

  • Does not identify device vulnerabilities and risks
  • Does not detect devices that reached their end-of-life or have outdated firmware version

Firmalyzer platform

  • Performs comprehensive device risk analysis
  • Detects end-of-life devices and devices running outdated firmware version

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